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The Science Department is composed of two areas of study:  the Biological Sciences and the Physical Sciences. 

The Biological Sciences are taught at all grade levels. We offer Cahokia High School scholars Science 1, Science 2, Horticulture, Horticulture Production, Ecology, Zoology, Biology, Honors Biology, Human Anatomy/Physiology, and Honors Human Anatomy/Physiology. 

The Physical Sciences are also taught at all grade levels, and consist of Science 1, Science 2, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry.

Each one of our teachers is dedicated to the success of our scholars, and we believe that the scholar holds the ultimate responsibility for his/her success in school.  Our classes are designed to provide each scholar with a variety of instructional strategies, hands-on activities, and numerous opportunities for success.  If, at any time, you have a concern, or a question, please contact the appropriate teacher. 

Please use the district's online parent access to stay up to date with each course.  Email is a wonderful way to communicate with our teachers and may also be done through the Skyward system.