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English / Foreign Lang.

Department Mission Statement

Our English & Foreign Language Department at Cahokia High School is committed to preparing students for life after high school.  Whether our students choose to enter college or the workplace, it is our goal to help them become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. 


Freshman English

English I includes comprehensive, in-depth range of literature and writing experiences. Students read short and full-length works to understand literature elements and the author's intention. Students participate in small and large group discussions.

English 1 - Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Noski


Sophomore English

English II explores significant works of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, from a thematic approach. Students engage in detailed discussions to increase critical thinking skills. They will also write persuasive pieces and become more comfortable with leading in-depth discussions with peers.

English 2 - Ms. Richardson, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Stevens

Reading Success - Ms. Cohlmeyer


Junior English

English III explores the history of Amerian Literature from the 1940s to current works.  Thematic units such as poetry in the Harlem Renaissance and how literature was influenced by the Great Depression and Civil Rights are examples of the US literature explored. Frequent writing pieces are also important in this class. Students will prepare for the state mandated exam which is the SAT given in the Spring.

English 3 American Literature - Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lochmann

Creative Writing & Speech - Ms. Cohlmeyer


Senior English

English IV prepares students for the next step after high school - whether that be college or the work force. Students will read, comprehend, analyze and evaluate complex literature works to prepare them for the critical thinking skills necessary post high school.  Students explore British literature as well as a comprehensive senior research paper.

English 4 British Literature - Mrs. Lochmann & Mr. Stevens

Creative Writing & Speech - Ms. Cohlmeyer



Our Spanish courses provide students with language instruction, as well as an understanding of Spanish-speaking people of the world.  We encourage students to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture.

Spanish 1 - Mrs. Rodriguez

Spanish 2 - Mrs. Rodriguez


Some of our favorite reads for each grade level include:

9th grade - The Bite of the Mangobooks

10th grade - To Kill a Mockingbird

11th grade - Their Eyes Were Watching God

12th grade - Beowulf


The link below will provide you a snapshot of the ELA curriculum for each grade level: