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Terri Ettling-Shell


Terri Ettling-Shell, MS


  • This is my 38th year teaching. I graduated from SIUE with a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  I have also earned three Master’s degrees from SIUE.  I attended SIUE on a full ride athletic scholarship (Field Hockey and Softball)  I was an alternate player for Team USA Olympics and a member of the SIUE Athletic Hall of Fame.

  • English 3, Algebra 1 (Co-Teach), Plane Geometry (Co-Teach)

  • Room 213 A  618-332-4520

  • Plan Period 5th hour 1:05 - 1:40



English III Syllabus

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Striving for Academic Excellence


CHS Course Syllabus

Terri Ettling-Shell

English III


Basic Information:

  • This is my thirty-ninth year teaching. I graduated from SIUE with a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  I have also earned three Master’s degrees from SIUE.I attended SIUE on a full ride athletic scholarship (Field Hockey and Softball)  I was an alternate player for Team USA Olympics and a member of the SIUE Athletic Hall of Fame.

  • I teach English III,  I also co-teach Algebra 1 with Mr. Fulton Room 314 and Co-Teach Plane Geometry with Ms. Floyd Room 203

  • Room 213 A


  • 5th hour plan 

Course Description:

  • Prerequisites: Completion of one semester of English II.

  • Basic reading and writing skills.  Knowledge of basic grammar and reading comprehension skills.

  • English III is designed to improve language and reading skills. The course also prepares students for the SAT

Learning outcomes/goals/objectives:

  • Students will identify and use text features, improve reading fluency, interpret texts and improve comprehension skills in addition to  reading various novels..

  • Students will engage in a variety of instructional methods such as lectures, discussions, group work, etc.


  • Required reading- “Getting Away With Murder” by Christopher E. Crowe, “Tupac” by Carrie Golus, “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansbury, and “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

  • Notebook

  • 2-pocket folder

  • Writing utensil

Requirements: exams, quizzes, assignments:

  • Students will complete daily warm ups

  • Students will complete daily assignments

  • Students will complete tests, quizzes and assessments

  • Students will periodically complete projects

Policies: grading procedures, attendance, participation, etc.

  •  Daily work including warm-ups and exit tickets will be graded periodically. Class assignments and homework must be turned in by the due date or students will receive half credit.  

  • Attendance and tardiness is recorded daily.  It is expected that you attend every day and arrive to class on time. All warm-ups are due on Friday of the week.  You MUST turn them in on Friday.  NO exceptions.  No late warmups will be accepted.   

  • Respect your classmates and all staff.

  • No food or drinks permitted, unless provided by the teacher.

  • Attendance and tardiness is recorded daily. It is expected that you attend class and arrive on time.

  • Classwork will be assigned daily. Most assignments will be worth 25 points. 

  • Grading Scales is as follows: 

                  Class Participation (25%)

                  Classwork/Homework (25%)

                  Essay (5%) 

                  Project (15%) 

                  Quizzes (10%)

                 Tests (20%)

  • Cell phones must be put away AT ALL TIMES. If you are caught using your cell phone I will take it and keep it for the remainder of the school day. If I take your phone 3 times in one quarter, you will be required to place it on my desk as soon as you walk into the classroom every day for a week-worth of time (5 days in a row) and be given a referral. Refusal to give up a cell phone will result in a referral and you being sent to the office. If you come in tardy, make sure your cell phone is put away before you walk into the room, otherwise it will be taken as soon as you walk in the door. 

  • No headphones unless provided by the teacher for an assignment.

  • Missing assignments and tests will be rescheduled by students and completed as soon as possible. 

  • Reporting illness and family emergencies must be reported to your grade level office.

Resources: tips for success, glossaries, links, academic support services, etc.

  • Students will use their skyward account to monitor grades and assignments 

  • Students may receive additional tutoring/ instruction before/after school when arrangement has been made with the teacher.

  • Students will use time wisely 

  • Students will keep materials organized

School-Wide Policies: IDs, Tardies, Dress Code

ID Policy / Consequences 

All students must wear IDs daily. Students must SHOW ID to eat lunch; students will not be allowed to key punch ID code for lunch. Students will have a 2nd ID available for purchase of $5 in their grade level office. 

  • 1-3 Offense = Parents Notified by Teacher 

  • 4-5 Offense = Lunch Detention 

  • 6-7 Offense = After School Detention  

  • 8 Offense = Mandatory Parent Conference 

  • 9-10 Offense = Principal Discretion 

  • Temporary IDs will be issued during 1st and 2nd hours ONLY. 

  • 3rd period – must pay .50 cents for a temp ID or go to ISS for the remainder of the day. 

  • 4th-7th period – sent to ISS for the remainder of the day. 

Tardy Disciplinary Action 

  • 1-3 Tardies = Parents Notified by Teacher 

  • 4-5 Tardies = Lunch School Detention

  • 6-7 Tardies = After School Detention  

  • 8 Tardies = Mandatory Parent Conference  

  • 9 + Tardies = Principal Discretion 

Dress Code Policy 

  • Hoodies may NOT BE WORN at CHS

  • Skirts/shorts must be knee length

  • Headgear cannot cover the entire head (ex: bonnets, scarves, hats, etc.) 

  • Fanny packs, backpacks, and purses should not be worn

  • 7 Bs that are not to be seen: bras, bellies, bottoms, backs, bandanas, boxers, and bedroom attire. 

  • 1st offense: Confiscated

  • 2nd offense: Mandatory Parent Meeting

Changes and modifications to content and assignments may occur at the teacher's discretion

Be Responsible for YOURSELF:

• Keep track of your possessions.

• Arrive with an attitude ready to learn

• Be thorough and try your best

• Be on-task

• Be on time

• Show up to school every day

• Finish and turn in assignments/projects by their due dates

• Follow classroom and school rules

Be Respectful of OTHERS:

• Treat others (staff & peers) kindly and with respect

• Help/share/take turns with others

• Use appropriate voice levels and tone

• Use appropriate language

• Use good manners (“please” & “Thank you”)

• Do no disrupt other students or classes trying to work

• Be patient

• Use conflict resolution skills

Be Resourceful at WORK:

• Arrive at class with the materials you need

• Utilize personal planner/calendar

• Utilize student organizer

• Use your time efficiently and effectively

• Use class materials appropriately 

• Be a problem-solver


Dear Parent,

Your son or daughter has reviewed and signed this course syllabus.  They should keep the syllabus in their math binder. Please sign and return this page as soon as possible.  Students will receive bonus points for returning their signed syllabus in a timely manner.


______________________________ ______________________________

Student Signature Date


______________________________ ______________________________

Parent Signature Date


Parent Contact Information


Home Phone ____________________ Cell Phone ____________________


Work Phone _____________________ Email ________________________


Please share any additional information that you believe is important for me to know.


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