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Lindsay Klein
Lindsay Klein
Mrs. Klein

My name is Lindsay Klein and I am the art teacher at Cahokia High School.  I teach Basic Design, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Photography 2, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, AP Studio Art and Independent Art.  I am also the editor of the Yearbook. Please feel free to contact me at any time at or in my classroom at 618.332.4532.

Lindsay Klein

Here are some fun art links that you can do at home!!

Creating Art Online: 

● Wickeditor: Creating animations online

● Geoboard: create designs on a pegboard using rubber bands: 

● Weavesilk: interactive generative art:

● Sketch: online sketchpad:

● Bomomo: fun sketching website:

● PixilArt: draw online:

● Art games, stories, & quizzes:

● Graffiti style lettering:

● SketchUp:

● Creating banners, posters, etc:

● Make your own comic strips

● Autodraw, a digital drawing tool


Color Mixing Games: 



Art Games: 

● Art Games:

● Google Quickdraw: see how fast the computer can guess what you’re drawing:

● Pintura, art detective

● National Gallery of Art for Kids- lots of games that change regularly


Tutorials, How Tos, and More! 

● Drawing tutorials and artwork:

● A guide to art history movements and a selection of famous artists

● Live Streaming art activities!

● Every day of the year Sketchbook Challenge!

● Building video games:

● Satisfying sand art:

● Art builder:

● How to Draw a Zentangle  


 YouTube Channels 

● Art for Kids Hub channel on Youtube (Step-by-step directions showing how to draw more than 600 different things) 

● Art with Mati and Dada on Youtube (50ish animated videos about famous artist and art history movements) 

●A movie about Famous Artists

● Search for origami directions on Youtube. A good one is “5 easy paper airplanes that fly FAR”. 

● You can also find directions on Youtube for how to make a flipbook.


Art Museum Links

●St. Louis Art Museum -

●Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis -

●Art Institute of Chicago -

●Musee D’Orsay in Paris -

●The Louvre in Paris -

●The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City -

●The Uffizi Gallery in Italy -


Basic Design Website

This is the link to my Basic Design website that shows how to do everything for Basic Design using examples and videos.

Basic Design Website

Drawing Website

Here is a link to my Drawing Website.  All of the projects will be posted here so that you can catch up if you are behind or miss a day.

Painting Website

Click here to go to Mrs. Klein's painting website.

Cahokia High School Photos

If you would like to see, purchase, or download (for free!!) photos taken in and around Cahokia High School, go to

To Purchase A Yearbook

If you would like to purchase a yearbook from this year, or any previous year, please come see me in room 117 at any time.  Yearbooks are $30 each.