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Penny Zimmerman Locker
Music Syllabus 2021-2022

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Striving for Academic Excellence

Music Class

Mrs. Penny Zimmerman



Basic Information:

  • C.H.S. Music

  • Room 116

  • Contact e-mail:


Course Description:

  • This course is intended to develop the student’s knowledge of musical concepts and connect them to various aspects of music.  Students will learn to listen to music intelligently and perceptively while learning basic information about music – its’ style, form, and terminology.  A positive attitude toward music will develop as students understand and apply learned skills to the various genres studied.


       Students will need an open mind; great attendance and consistent study skills will be necessary to be  successful in this





Students will learn musical terms, connect terms to various musical styles and demonstrate terminology through projects and creativity.  Lessons will be instructed within the classroom and developed through worksheets, demonstrations, activities, assessments and Google Classroom assignments. 


Web Sites:

  • Google Classroom

  • Zoom 

Requirements: exams, quizzes, assignments:

  • Students are graded on class assignments, projects, quizzes, tests and participation.    

  • Students will submit their work through Google Classroom.  Points will be deducted for work submitted past the due date.

  • Grading Scale:  90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, 59 and below=F



  • Attendance is the key to success.  Daily attendance will be required at designated class time. I find that students understand musical concepts and elements and can apply those concepts whenever they’ve been consistent with their attendance.

  • Respect needs to be demonstrated to one another.  We all come from different backgrounds; therefore we need to respect each other’s views (whether we agree or not).  No one will talk disrespectfully to the instructor or to another peer.  

  • Profanity will not be tolerated.

  • Participation will help you understand the concepts and learn.  Positive participation will encourage others to take a risk.  As we learn, we never ask, “Do I like it?” But we ask, “What do I hear?”  This will lead to higher level learning.

  • Preparation is important to environmental learning; have all supplies with you when class is in session.

  • Classroom Etiquette:

-Be on time to class.  Late arrivals will have points deducted.

-Respect one another by entering the learning environment quietly.  If on ZOOM, enter with MUTED mic, no distractions, and no background noise.

-Please respect others and their learning by raising your hand if you have a question.  I will provide opportunities

  for questions to be answered, and given times throughout the lesson to avoid distractions.

  • Cell Phones are not to be in use during set learning times and should not be visible.  If a cell phone rings during class, the phone will be taken and turned into grade level administrator.    

  • Tardies are a disruption to class and points will be deducted.

  • Makeup Work will be accepted with no penalty of points ONLY if there is an excused medical reason. Communication is requested and encouraged in such circumstances. Please notify me through  my e-mail address

Changes and modifications to content and assignments may occur at teachers discretion


Penny Zimmerman

Welcome to the Arts!

Hello, my name is Penny Zimmerman.  It is a pleasure instructing your son/daughter and expanding their knowledge in the Arts.  My goal is to expose each student to various musical styles and to open their acceptance and understanding to genres they simply don't normally connect with.  Music is universal and it is the ONE element that unifies us all.  

Mrs Penny Zimmerman
Mrs Penny Zimmerman
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